Powder Coating Process

The 5-step process we use to finish your product has been tested thoroughly to guarantee its quality and effectiveness. Our primary powder coating supplier (Cardinal) conducted a complete diagnostics test on our 12 x 12 x 30 natural gas oven to ensure maximum quality control for curing the powder onto your product.

Step One: The Cleaning

Before any product can be properly powder coated, it must be cleaned thoroughly to remove any debris which might interfere with the overall process and cause flaking or cracking. We use a state-of-the-art cleaning process in a sealed media blasting room that is 15 x 10 x 30 for small to large products. Our blasting equipment was manufactured by Clemco Industries Corporation and includes a sweep in recovery system that helps provide faster turnaround times for your products.

Rusty Table Before Powder Coating

Step 2: Sanding and Pre-Bake

With the product now cleaned, it is placed on racks or roll carts. We hand sand all products and use high pressure air nozzles to remove any fine dust from your product; then we pre-heat the product in our oven which has a capacity of 450 degrees to ensure exact product temperature before applying the powder to the product.

Hand Sanding Products Before Powder Coating

Step 3: Powder Application

Your product is now ready to be powder coated and will be placed in our spray booth and applied by hand with our...spray gun. Currently we use one gun to apply the powder with more spray guns being added in the future.

Powder Coating Being Applied to Eagle

Step 4: Curing

Once the product is fully coated with the fine powder, it is sent into the curing oven. Here again the temperature is 400 degrees. This gels the powder into a strong, flawless coat covering the entire surface.

Powder Coating Oven

Step 5: Cooling Down

Time spent in the curing oven will depend on the product coated and your choice of optional textures and additives. From the oven, your product is moved into our staging area to cool and be visually inspected by our highly trained staff for defects in the finish. Only when we are certain it meets our exacting standards will we release the item for shipping.

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